Track information over time, find trends and patterns, optimize workflow and improve hand hygiene practices in your facility.

Hand hygiene "compliance" isn't enough.

You may have measured "compliance" in the past, but to what standard? Were you counting simple hand washing events of any duration?

The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a high standard for effective hand hygiene technique: vigor, duration, and specific techniques and motion. 

In a recent test, our solution improved compliance with proper hand hygiene technique from 36% to 95%, after just two weeks of evaluation.

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Compliance is good. Effectiveness is better.

  • Measures technique, not just hand washing events
  • Measures every hand hygiene event
  • Tracks information and trends over time
  • Helps you find patterns that optimize hand washing workflows
  • Identifies areas for additional training and other improvements 

The FirstHand audit solution:

Our patented system uses RFID tags and discreet haptic feedback to inform caregivers during hand hygiene events and collect actionable information on performance.







Hand hygiene stations are outfitted with RFID tags and caregivers are given wristband sensors on disposable Tyvek bands.

Hand hygiene behavior is tracked, including duration and vigor. Caregivers receive haptic feedback during the hand hygiene process.

We'll help you understand your results and where training and workflow management can improve practices.

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Get the data-driven advantage in hand hygiene improvement.